Secure Self-Custody for Modern Assets.

Remotely execute the opening of a personal vault at the Singapore Freeport, a non-bank facility

Store Crypto Private Keys, Art, Sports Cards, and Precious Metals.

Confidently manage your physical assets from anywhere in the world with a web based platform.

No resrictions on nationality.

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Personal vaults located in one of the world's leading financial hubs.

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I feel safe knowing my assets are secured at Sovport.
They provide a simple service with a lot of potential!

Isidore, early adopter

Singapore has ranked among the freest economies in the world over the life
of the Index but gains the top spot this year for the first time.

Heritage Foundation, 2020 Index of Economic Freedom

Freeports are similar to free zones, or ‘enterprise zones’, which are designated areas subject to a broad array of special regulatory requirements, tax breaks and government support. The difference is that a freeport is designed to specifically encourage businesses that import, process and then re-export goods..

Institute for Government, United Kingdom

Coming Soon - Digital Services

SovPort is implementing a transparent & fully digital portal to secure, track, digitize and unlock value
for your assets. Future access to our integrated services will be via a web based platform.